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All Haters are Welcome!

All Idiots Shunned

P00P Regime
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All Members , Moderated
The Church of Poop was recently founded by a group of like-minded individuals who are tired of the pressure placed on them by people who think that they should be something that they are not.

We firmly believe in the power of unedited and unintelligable run-on sentences.

Blatantly making fun of cooky religious types is o.k. and encouraged, so is ranting about door-to-door Christians, pushy relatives/co-workers, salesclerks, whomever.
Please don't bash people by using their names, as we don't encourage hurting people's feelings (at least not too bad).
Share experiences and confrontations you've had with pushy religious people (regardless of the religion they're pushing, mind you - this is not a Christian bashing community - it's more of a religion bashing community).
And please remember to include at least one run-on sentence in your posts if it is at all humanly or unhumanly possible in any incredibly run-onny silly stupid way.
Typos are always cool too, and also typing without using capitals or capitals in the wrong place as I would personally like to use this community to spit in the face of everyone who bugs me and puts me down for silly things or for being myself.

Please stop using this community to post about pooping! You obviously can't read if you think that's the point!
Thanks ~ the creator and supreme poop goddess curcible_11.

*note* the word "poop" is also used in a way like: "oh poop! here come more jehovah's witness's to my door"