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it's a nice day for a white wedding

i'm getting married and i am going to have a non religious ceremony. we are looking for a judge. if anyone has any good ideas of non religious wedding resources in MN please let me know. or if you know of a good person to perform the ceremony please let me know.
also, if anyone has experience with this, do you know if we have to mention to the judge that we want it to be non religious, or is that how they do it? i suppose we'll talk with the person before, i just don't know how this works yet. i feel like i'll mention that and they'll be offended or something.

we're going to a wedding expo thing next weekend to check things out, but i'm sure there won't be anything we're looking for.

i know there is an agnostic league of mn or something that can perform ceremonies, but i heard that they'll then try to make you join. i don't even consider myself agnostic. i won't affiliate myself with anything, because in large groups people forget how to think on their own.
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there's this commercial on cartoon network every day, several times a day that drives me crazy...
it's a commercial for a christian pop cd, and it's like 5 minutes long and they play clips from all the songs it seems like. it's called "worship together" and it's horrible! and the damn songs get stuck in my head, i think they have some subliminal messages!
a day does not go by that i do not see that commercial.

Hi All

i've changed a few things in the user info, mainly by adding a statement about not posting about pooping, just so there doesn't have to be any more confusion or arguements.
mind you, i'm not totally void of a sense of humor, i just had an intent and it wasn't being followed through as planned which upset me.
thank you to the loyal followers of the poop regime. continue to be wary of the people who want you to love their "god".
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I created this communtiy to rant about annoying people, particularily religious fanatics and door-to-door christians. i understand that there's not always things on that vein to post about, but i am super sick of all the stupid crap that is being posted. please read the user info again, as i've added a statement about what i do not want to see posted here.
this community was started with a sense of humor of course, between friends who thought they should start a regime against certain types of people. the name was just a fitting because it's unpleasant and non-religious. if you post about poop again i will ban you from my community. start your own community and talk about taking a shit as much as you like.
thank you and have a nice weekend.
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This is a post from a while ago from my personal journal. However I thought it appropiate here.

Quite Possibly the worst situation to find yourself in:

You have just entered the uber-comfortable family bathroom. You have a shit that's feels bigger than the fucking titanic. You, in anticipation of this monumental event, have gotten everything in preparation. On the counter you've got your six pack, 6 issues of maxim, your 200 watt stereo set-up blasting your favorite turd tunes, and the six rolls of toilet paper you are most assuredly going to use. You prepare with your own personalized ritual to the god of the porcelain throne, drop your pants, rub your hands, and descend your quivering ass slowly to the seat. This is where the bitch kicks in. As you pop open your first bud, kick the tunes, and start perusing the November issue of Maxim something happens that your ass didn't intend. It feels as though the factory has shut down. You feel the machinery come to a sputtering stop. You stand up look down in to the murky depths of your porcelain pool. What lies at the bottom? Two kitten sized turds. At this point to fall over, pants still around your ankles, and begin to sob gently.

God that sucks.
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I totally forgot that today while I was waiting for a light to turn green there was a lady in an escort next to me and she picked a HUMONGOUS BOOGER and stuck it to her windsheild.
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so a co worker asked why i didn't put an angel figure in the holiday display at work. it didn't go with the color scheme. but according to this christian hypocrite i "really should have." and he says this in a way like i'm discriminating against all x-mas celebrators.
even though he's said, "god dammit!" 900 times today. & let's not even get into how many times he's sexually harassed me. or how he's told me about what he's stolen, how he drinks, how bad he treats his family. etc etc etc.
i guess to redeem yourself all you have to do is act righteous.
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