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it seems that christians believe that each person has a soul and once you die, it has left the body. that our skin is just a container for our spiritual being. at least, that 's what i think they believe. and if that's the case, why are all of these people going out just to look at the dead shell of the pope? i don't get it.
well, i suppose they're "honoring" him by doing so, but i don't know. it just seems to go against what they believe.
of course, i'm sort of making this up because i don't know exactly what they believe and there's probably some passage that says "you must honor a dead body by staring at it even though it's starting to rot and get stinky" that i just don't know about.
i can't take a lot of people seriously when it comes to great displays of anything regarding religion. any religion.
i'm reminded of a passage from the bible, can't remember the exact wording but it was basically: don't stand on the streetcorner and yell about how righteous you are when you are doing nothing to back up your words.

ok, that didn't tie in as well as i wanted it to. but still. i'm just annoyed w/ the popes body being paraded around every time i turn on the tv.



ATTENTION: the poop regime does not advocate KILLING people who hold different opinions than themselves. thank you for tuning in for this public service announcement


on another note, i've always disliked South Park, but i saw the episode about "the passion..." (movie) and it was so funny.
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i can't believe i never wrote about this.

my boyfriend's dad, who was a harley ridin', rock music listenin', semi-normal person has suddenly become a devout Jehovah's Witness-er.

my boyfriend went over there one day to drop something off, and the house was filled with Witness books, every room, even the bathroom had two.
and the places where he used to have movies and cds in the living room by the t.v., were all filled with books.

he's also been sending out religious type e-mails to everyone on his list (good thing i'm not on there because i would be pissed), and his son has tried to rationalize with him and discuss the bible, etc. and how that particular religion skews it to their liking (more than others which i suppose do the same thing) and he's just not willing to discuss "the facts", which to me shows how dumb your freaking religion is! if you can't even debate it, if you don't even want to hear another person's point of view, you're brainwashed and stupid!
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the most absolutely annoying thing about the fact that my exhusband is part of a very fundamentalist/extremist christian church in which his parents are the ministers is that my kids come up here and try to get the babysitter saved.