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it's a nice day for a white wedding

i'm getting married and i am going to have a non religious ceremony. we are looking for a judge. if anyone has any good ideas of non religious wedding resources in MN please let me know. or if you know of a good person to perform the ceremony please let me know.
also, if anyone has experience with this, do you know if we have to mention to the judge that we want it to be non religious, or is that how they do it? i suppose we'll talk with the person before, i just don't know how this works yet. i feel like i'll mention that and they'll be offended or something.

we're going to a wedding expo thing next weekend to check things out, but i'm sure there won't be anything we're looking for.

i know there is an agnostic league of mn or something that can perform ceremonies, but i heard that they'll then try to make you join. i don't even consider myself agnostic. i won't affiliate myself with anything, because in large groups people forget how to think on their own.
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